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Made in the USA
Quilt Hanging Solutions™
for Homes and Exhibits
The Hang-Ups Company is your source for quality quilt
hangers and innovative quilt hanging solutions.  Ask about
special needs!
Phone:  541 area code 482-8001  or  Fax:  (866) 798-7302
The Hang-Ups Company, based in
Ashland, Oregon, has been selling quilt
hangers through quilt stores and by
direct retail since 1986.
Call or email
with any
questions. ☺

All of our quilt hangers are manufactured exclusively in
southern Oregon.  The owners, Marilyn and Martin
Reece-Sullivan, are proud to offer finely crafted,
USA-made products for your use.  We
always have guaranteed our hangers and have shipped
hundreds of thousands of units over the years. We
hope you'll join our family of satisfied customers.
Use our hangers or clips for hanging quilts, tapestries,
rugs, banners, weavings, silks, or even hides.  They
are archival and very versatile.
Let us create the fiber art hangers for your needs!
Return Customers Contest for Fun!  Featured Quilt or
Quilts of the Month.
Win up to 50% off your next retail purchase of any
of our home products, up to $200 !
Quilt Hangers for
Guilds & Exhibits
Display your wall quilts

Hang most quilts from the
floor with no ladders

  • custom pulley
    systems for high walls
    and ceiling hangings

  • in store, studio,
    library, gallery, or

  • slat-wall and molding
Quilt Hangers for
Home Use
Gift quiltscape cards and
, to yourself
or quilt-loving Giftfriends.
Choose a quilt stand.
Send us a photo of your quilt or other fiber art hung
with either our wooden quilt hangers or our invisible
10% discount on your next purchase, including the
SpineMate™ self back massage tool.  Photos should
be in focus and clear.  You may post these on our
Facebook page or you may send them to our email
and I can post them.  One photo per month receives
50% discount.  

Be sure to include what type of hangers you are
using, how they worked, and a note about yourself.  
The winning photo will be posted above and the
winner will be notified.  Thanks!  
quilt hanging
solutions and
Wooden Hang-Ups™ quilt clips in regular and mini sizes
Invisible bar inside quilt sleeve simply is placed on wall-bracket tabs. Wall brackets are adherered to wall with removable 3M Command™ strips.
Simple sturdy quilt stands can hold multiple quilts.
Rebecca Barker Quiltscape note cards are available in multiple designs.
Quilts hung with invisible NoSeeUms™ hangers for exhibit booths
Special exhibit quilts hung at the Texas Quilt Museum