Retailers!  Order these quilt hangers for your store!
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E-mail us for wholesale price info.   We'd
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Hang-Ups™ fabric hangers

  • quick and easy to hang   

  • can slip over push pins

  • archival -  satin finish seals wood resins

  • convenient alternative to sewing sleeves

  • work with any size quilt

  • will equally well display any other type of
    weaving, tapestry, rug, etc.  

  • may even be used on curved walls!

For Retailers

  • simple and small to store and keep in stock

  • Customers may change their wall hangings
    by adding additional hangers for larger
    quilts or taking some away for smaller art.
"No See Ums" invisible quilt hangers

  • quilts seem to float on the wall

  • quick and easy to hang

  • removable adhesives hold for most walls

  • self-leveling with no measuring needed !

For Special Exhibit Applications

  • available with velcro brackets for hard
    panel fabric-covered booth walls

  • contact us for other special possible  
    applications and store pricing
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