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Wooden Quilt Hangers for Walls
Display anything and everything fabric, including all of your quilts, tapestries,
weavings, rugs, banners, or even bear hides with  Hang-Ups™ fabric hangers
and Mini Hang-Ups™ fabric hangers.  

These hardwood hanging clips or clamps can do it all.
They are compression-style quilt hangers and are archivally-sealed. They may
be used on quilts big and small, on walls flat or curved or even around a corner.
Hang-Ups™ quilt hangers, clips, clamps in natural woods and painted finishes
Why use Hang-Ups™ quilt clips?

  • Super easy to hang.  Unscrew the
    top nut of quilt hanger to open, insert
    your hanging between wood surfaces,
    and tighten gently. Space quilt
    hangers 12" to 15" apart across the
    top edge depending on size of your
    wall hanging fabric art.

  • No sleeve required on back of
    your fiber art. No need to modify
    antiques or quilts you'll want to sleep
    under sometime.

  • Attach to wall with light-
    weight hardware.  The backs of
    the hangers are suspended over push
    pins, small nails, or other hardware
    appropriate to your specific wall.
    Some people even use old sewing
    machine needles in the wall.  You may
    also choose "no holes" in your wall
    removable 3M Command strips.  
These wooden quilt hangers come in two sizes:

:   1-11/16" x 3-3/16"  (43mm x 82mm)  for
larger hangings

Mini hanger :   1-1/8" x 1-7/8"  (28mm x 48mm)
for smaller hangings
They come in two woods:

Ash  =  "vanilla"

Walnut  =  "chocolate"

Satin-glow painted finishes:   Black, Ivory, and White
Please refer to our instructions page for more details in using these quilt hangers.
The mini hangers are available with
regular backs to go over push pins, or with
magnetic backs for flat metal surfaces
such as front doors, refrigerators, file
cabinets, etc.  They may also be used with
3M Command™ adhesives.
No need for holes in your walls
when you use the quilt hangers
3M Command adhesives.
1 to 3
4 +
8 +
Ash (vanilla)
$ 8.20
Walnut (chocolate)
$ 8.40
Painted finishes
$ 10.30
$ 5.65
$ 5.75
Painted Mini
$ 6.65
Magnetic Mini-ash
$ 5.85
Magnetic Mini-paint
$ 7.35
$ 6.85
PRICES per quilt clip hanger and quantity discounts.
Sold as individual units. Order enough to space at 12"-15" plus one for the end.
The Hang-Ups Company is your source for quality quilt hangers and
innovative quilt hanging solutions.  Ask about special needs!
Phone:  541 area code 482-8001  or  Fax:  (866) 798-7302
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Hang-Ups™ Quilt Hangers
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