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Massage is one of the easiest ways to attain and maintain good health
and well-being.  Tension headaches, insomnia, aches and pains, and
stress can all be alleviated with massage.   
Research shows that massage therapy provides several important
health benefits, including:

  •  Improved blood circulation

  •  Muscle relaxation, flexibility, and improved range of motion

  •  Increased endorphin levels (the chemicals in your body that
    make you feel good)

  •  Reduced fatigue

  •  Enhanced immunity by stimulated lymph flow
The SpineMateTM Back-Roller is the perfect tool for the home,
company break room, gym or athletic club, or anywhere else
bodies may congregate.  Use for a quick energizing massage after
sitting too long, knead sore muscles, relieve chronic tension, or
work on trigger points along your spine.  Experience the
synergistic effect that comes when you are able to massage the
whole length of your back at once.  ☺
Why massage?
Massage can do you a world of good, and frequent massage can do even more.  

With the SpineMate™ Back-Roller, you can give yourself a back massage, as
well as neck, shoulders, arms, hips, at any time convenient to you.  No need to
wait for an appointment when you wish for a bit of therapy right now. ☺
Call or email with any
questions. ☺