The SpineMate™ back massage tool is
brilliantly designed to allow you to easily and
comfortably apply just the right amount of
pressure in just the right places and then to
apply the rolling motion necessary to work
out tension and taut tangles to get your
blood flowing again.   

There are 10 pairs of perfectly positioned
maple rollers to lengthen muscles and
loosen knots. Pain is relieved, mobility
increased, and energy enhanced.

This fine furniture-quality back massage tool
is fastidiously fabricated in southern Oregon
using labor and materials within a 25-mile
radius of our home office wherever

The wooden frame is fashioned out of
locally logged Ponderosa pine purchased
from a nearby White City mill and cut and
engraved with laser precision by veterans at
the rehabilitation Domiciliary in White City,
Oregon. The back massage tool is then
sanded and sealed to silky smoothness by
immersion in satin glow polyurethane.  Both
the frame and the maple wheels are
"double-dipped" so the entire back massage
tool may be easily wiped clean anytime it is

Wax is then hand applied to each axle and
the wheels are press-fitted to give you 32"
incredible inches of full body contact.  

The wall bracket, which allows you 14" of
height adjustability in your back-roller, is
solidly constructed by a company in
Ashland, Oregon which also makes dump-
truck beds, and is then powder-coated by
another business in White City.

We bring you the SpineMate™ self back
massage tool after years of subtle
refinement.  As you use your back roller you
will discover various ways to massage your
muscles, titillate your trigger points, and sink
into the sublime synergistic effects of
simultaneous stimulation the length of your
spine.  You will find you can turn to reach
and massage muscles under your shoulder
blades, along your sides, hips, or arms, and
most especially your neck and head.  Tingles
will come your way in a while.  Ah, enjoy
your back massage and smile.
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SpineMate™ Back-Roller self-massage tool
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