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quilt hanging solutions and
quality massage tools
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Made in the USA
Quilt Hanging for Guilds
and Special Exhibits
The Hang-Ups Company is your source for quality quilt hangers
and innovative quilt hanging solutions.  Ask about special needs!
Phone:  541 area code 482-8001  or  Fax:  (866) 798-7302
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The Hang-Ups Company has developed easy-to-use quilt hangers for pipe and
drape booths, as well as many custom systems for stores, galleries, and museums.
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" The "No See Ums" ™ invisible quilt hanging system was developed especially for
the International Quilt Market and Festival special exhibit quilts.  It is by far the
best system we have ever used.  It’s easy and quick and gives excellent results!”
Karey Bresenhan,   Manager of Special Exhibits, Quilts, Inc.        
Custom Pulley Systems

for homes, stores, museums,
galleries, libraries, etc.
Quilt hangers for Special Displays and
for Museums, Expos, Guild Shows
Lanyard "No See Ums"™ hanging systems are designed
for pipe and drape booths.  No need for ladders or
measuring with these simple-to-use components and
special hanging tools.  Mix and match parts for all sizes of
quilts and hanging heights.  We work with you to design
what you need and want for your show.  

entry foyers, and many other
special applications.
Page soon to come:

NEW !  Quilt hangers for Slat Walls in stores
and elsewhere  :)