Original wooden hanger
Quilts, Rugs, Tapestries, Banners,
Weavings &
other Fiber Art

Beautifully crafted, original hardwood
ash quilt hangers are shown.  
Archival, satin finish.  Furniture
quality.  Brass hardware.  Back slips
over push pin or small nail on wall, or
other hardware you may choose.
Ashland, OR

quilt hanging solutions and
quality massage tools
Products proudly
Made in the USA
Quilt Hanging Solutions
Quilt hung with Hang-Ups™ wooden textile hangers in satin-finish ash hardwood
Hang-Ups™ quilt hangers (clips / clamps) are for quilts big and small, for walls flat and even curved!  
3M Command™ strips may be used to hang on sealed walls. Click photos to enlarge.
View colors & sizes.
Super Bars!™ quilt hanger - slips over special wall screw holds 50 lbs
Invisible quilt
Quilts, Rugs, Tapestries,
Banners, Weavings &
other Fiber Art.  See only your
quilt from the front!

Easy to use.  Strong yet
lightweight.  Bars of  
architectural steel and
brackets of pressed aluminum.

Telescoping bars are used to
level brackets as they are
placed with the aid of a
magnetic level.  Bars then slide
through sleeve and your quilt
or other fabric art rests on
bracket tabs.

Kits for quilts 9" to 124" wide.
The economy invisible   
hanging system...

Don't mind putting a screw  
or two into the wall?  Try      
this easy new quilt hanger.
The best, the Cadillac, of
invisible quilt hangers!

from behind, gently pushing sleeve
fabric into a slotted bar.  Simply
place quilt over the brackets!  
Removable 3M™ adhesive strips
hold brackets on most walls.
The Hang-Ups Company is your source for quality quilt hangers
and innovative quilt hanging solutions.  Ask about special needs!

Phone:  541 area code 482-8001  or  Fax:  (866) 798-7302
Patent Pending
All standard items in stock.  Expedited shipping available.
how sewers and
themselves to great
massages at home.
Quilt hangers for Special Displays and Exhibits
Museums, Expos, Guild Shows, or
Pipe and Drape Booths

Lanyard "No See Ums"™ hanging systems are designed for pipe and   
drape booths.  No need for ladders or measuring with these simple-to-
use  components and special  hanging tools.  Mix and match parts for all
sizes of quilts and hanging heights.  
Custom Quilt Hanging Systems
Custom Pulley

For homes, stores, etc.

Use a quilt hanger up high!  
These are for high ceilings or
walls, entry foyers, and many
other special applications.

American Patchwork
& Quilting Magazine
December 2010

"5 Products for
hanging quilts."